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ENGLAND BEACH SOCCER is delighted to announce a long-term partnership with education provider “THE BRITISH ONLINE SCHOOL” where education, health, and wellbeing aligns!

The BOS values are echoed and shared by the teams at EBSA with PROGRESS, CONSISTENCY & SUCCCESS making for a perfect partnership!

England Director Luke Kerr “England Beach Soccer are excited to work with The British Online School into 2022 and beyond where we strongly feel education and sport complement each other, BOS understand the benefits of playing active sport contributes to a student's brain development and helps the brain to cope with studying better and we at EBSA recognise that what BOS delivers with essential quality education is providing students with the ability to prepare for all kinds of challenges in life both physically and mentally!

Headmaster Danny Bohannan "The British Online School are very excited to be part of the fantastic competitions and events coming up in 2022. We believe education and physical activity are fundamental parts of growing up and pleased to be partnering with likeminded groups, such as England Beach Soccer".

To find out more about British Online School and the service they offer visit their website for more details.

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