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Biggest Ever Schools & Clubs Championships at Oceanfest 2024

The big Kick Off is this Weekend at Croyde Bay, North Devon, England – 21, 22 and 23 June 2024

The much-anticipated England Beach Soccer Championships are set to take place this coming weekend at the stunning Croyde Bay in north Devon. Sponsored by Forza and delivered by England Beach Soccer in conjunction with Roma Sports, Exeter City Football Club, the Premier League, and the Gold Coast Oceanfest Music & Sports Festival, this event promises to be a thrilling spectacle of beach sports and music entertainment.

Beach Soccer Event Details:

Dates: 21st June – 23rd June

Location: Croyde Bay, North Devon, England

The Championships will showcase the best young soccer talent from across the South West region with the biggest ever Schools beach soccer championships showcasing over 300 children both boys and girls on the Friday sponsored by the Premier League and then over the weekend both Saturday and Sunday again the biggest ever youth club championship will have over 500 Boys and Girls compete in a series of exciting matches, demonstrating their skills, teamwork, and passion for the sport of football as they transition to sand with one eye on the prize of beach soccer champions.  

Sponsors and Partners:

Forza: Renowned for their top-quality sports equipment, Forza is proud to sponsor this event, providing all the necessary gear to ensure a top-notch experience for players and fans alike.

Roma Sports: A key partner in the organisation of the beach soccer championships, Roma Sports brings extensive expertise in managing sport teams, coaches and events, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable tournament.

Exeter City Football Club: Supporting youth development and community engagement, Exeter City FC is thrilled to be part of this initiative, promoting soccer at the grassroots level and more importantly on the sand.

Premier League: As the pinnacle of English football, the Premier League’s involvement underscores the significance of nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the game.

Gold Coast Oceanfest Music & Sports Festival: Adding a festive atmosphere to the event, Gold Coast Oceanfest blends sports and music, creating a vibrant backdrop for the championships, Oceanfest have been integral in the development of beach soccer in recent years. 

Event Highlights:

Youth Competitions: Watch the future stars of beach soccer compete in thrilling matches across various age categories.

Live Music and Entertainment: Enjoy performances by local and international artists, courtesy of the Gold Coast Oceanfest, adding an exciting musical dimension to the event.

Family-Friendly Activities: A range of activities and attractions for all ages, making it a perfect weekend outing for families and sports enthusiasts.

Forza Representative: “We are delighted to support the South West Youth England Beach Soccer Championships. This event aligns perfectly with our commitment to promoting youth sports and providing high-quality sports equipment.”

Roma Sports Spokesperson: “Partnering with such prestigious organisations for this championship is an honour. We are excited to bring our expertise to the table and help create a memorable event for everyone involved.”

Exeter City FC Official: “Encouraging young talent and fostering a love for football is at the heart of what we do. We look forward to seeing the incredible skill and passion on display at Croyd Bay.”

Premier League Representative: “The Premier League is proud to support grassroots initiatives that inspire the next generation of footballers. This championship is a fantastic opportunity for young players to shine.”

Gold Coast Oceanfest Organizer: “Combining sports and music creates a unique and vibrant experience. We are thrilled to host this championship as part of our festival, bringing communities together through sport and entertainment.”

Join us this weekend at Croyde Bay for an unforgettable celebration of youth beach soccer, music, and community spirit. Don’t miss the England Beach Soccer Championships – where the stars of tomorrow showcase their talents today!

England Beach Soccer Association 

Instagram @england_beachsoccer 

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