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Romar Sports Partnership

England Beach Soccer Announces Exciting Partnership with Romar Sports for Beach Soccer Development in the South West of England.

Romar Sports, a leading sports development organization, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with England Beach Soccer, focused on the growth and advancement of beach soccer in the South West region of England.

This collaboration aims to elevate the sport through a comprehensive approach covering playing events, coaching, and pathways into the elite teams, all spearheaded by the distinguished Andy Rose, Head Coach of Romar Sports and now Beach Soccer Developer.

This strategic alliance brings together the expertise of Romar Sports and the vision of EBSA, creating a dynamic platform for the development of beach soccer talent in the South West. The partnership will not only provide enhanced playing opportunities but also establish a structured coaching framework, ensuring a clear pathway for aspiring athletes.

Luke Kerr, Director of EBSA, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are excited to join forces with Romar Sports to further promote and develop beach soccer in the South West. This collaboration will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the sport at both the grassroots and elite levels."

Andy Rose, Romar Sports Head Coach and EBSA Developer, shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, "I am honoured to lead the charge in this collaboration between Romar Sports and England Beach Soccer. This partnership represents a significant step forward for the sports development in the South West, and I am eager to contribute to the growth of the sport in this region."

As part of this partnership, Romar Sports and EBSA are proud to announce the upcoming England Beach Soccer Youth Championships, scheduled to take place at Gold Coast Ocean Fest in June 2024.

This event will also serve as a gateway for players to be invited to England Talent Pathway Days, catering to both boys and girls sections of the game. The delivery and leadership of these pathway days will be under the guidance of Romar Sports, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to player development across our sport.

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BS mag
BS mag
Jan 09

Such fantastic move 👍

We can't wait to see the positive impact on both grassroots and elite levels. Kudos to both parties.

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