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England Beach Soccer Stars Nominated for World Prestigious 2023 Awards

In a momentous recognition of their outstanding contributions to the world of beach soccer, four distinguished players from the England Beach Soccer men's ansd women's teams have been nominated among the world's best performers in 2023.

The nominees include the England men's captain, Aaron Clarke, former world player of the year Molly Clark, Katie James, and another former world player of the year and women's skipper Sarah Kempson.

These remarkable athletes have showcased exceptional skill, leadership, and sportsmanship throughout the year, earning them nominations for the prestigious awards set to be announced at the upcoming beach soccer star gala. The awards, organized to celebrate the excellence of beach soccer players globally, will be determined through votes cast by elite coaches and national team captains from around the world.

Aaron Clarke, leading the England men's team with passion and prowess, has been a consistent force on the sand. His exceptional skills and strategic acumen have not only propelled England to success in various tournaments but have also earned him the respect of players and coaches worldwide.

Molly Clark, a former world player of the year, continues to mesmerize audiences with her unparalleled talent. As a key figure in the England women's beach soccer team, she has been instrumental in the team's success, consistently delivering stellar performances that have set her apart as one of the best in the world.

Katie James, known for her versatility and dynamic playing style, has been a key asset for the England women's team. Her ability to adapt to different game situations and contribute both defensively and offensively has earned her a well-deserved nomination among the world's best performers.

Sarah Kempson, another former world player of the year, has continued to showcase her world-class skills on the beach soccer stage. Her leadership and ability to inspire teammates make her a standout player, contributing significantly to England's success in international competitions.

The anticipation is building as the beach soccer community eagerly awaits the announcement of the gala awards. The nominees, including England's stellar quartet, will be vying for recognition as the world's best beach soccer players in 2023. With votes cast by elite coaches and national team captains, the awards ceremony promises to be a celebration of the incredible talent and achievements within the global beach soccer community.

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BS mag
BS mag
12. 12. 2023

It’s always rewarding being recognised. Congratulations champs 👍

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