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England’s Women Triumph in the Euro Beach Soccer Championship Leagues & Cups

This summer, the European Beach Soccer landscape witnessed outstanding performances from a talented group of English women players, showcasing their skills and dedication on the sandy pitches across Europe.

Leading the charge was Becky Barron-Clark, the current England captain and a pivotal player for Fulham, alongside Anne Meiwald of Watford. Both players celebrated a remarkable achievement by winning the Spanish League and Cup double with Málaga. Their stellar performances were crucial in securing these prestigious titles, demonstrating their prowess and leadership on the field.

Katie James of AFC Bournemouth added to the success story by clinching back-to-back European titles with Melilla. Her consistent excellence has solidified her reputation as a formidable force in beach soccer, contributing significantly to Melilla’s triumphs.

Goalkeeper Katie Scadding, also from AFC Bournemouth, made her mark playing for CD Pozoalbense. Her agility and quick reflexes between the posts were instrumental in her team’s commendable performance in the Euro Winners Cup last four placing, earning her accolades and respect from fans and peers alike.

A notable highlight of the season was the significant representation of English-based players in Team Isle of Wight. The team was captained by the experienced England player Wendy Martin, whose leadership and strategic acumen were evident throughout the competition. Alongside Martin were eight other talented England players: sisters Connie and Hannah Short, Chloe Traves, Alicia Povey, Chloe Andrews, newbie Chloe Fisher, Alisha Buckingham, and Nicole Evans. Their combined efforts and teamwork made Team Isle of Wight a formidable contender in the Euro Winners Cup defeating strong Italian and Portuguese sides and narrowly losing to Recresativo de Huelvas who went on to take the Bronze ranking 3rd in Europe further showcasing the depth of talent in English beach soccer.

This summer’s European Beach Soccer Leagues and Cups not only highlighted the exceptional abilities of these English players but also underscored the growing popularity and competitive spirit of women’s beach soccer. With their remarkable achievements and dedication, these players have set a high standard and inspired the next generation of athletes to pursue excellence in the sport.

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