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Ramiro Amarelle arrives in England….

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

England’s men’s squad had a training camp like never before at the weekend as Beach Soccer world star Amarelle arrived from Spain with his team of experts to apply analysis to the players whilst putting them through their paces!

The training camp took part at Locksmith Park in Loxford and England Captain Aaron Clarke said “The weekend has been amazing and so beneficial to all the players, huge thanks to Ramiro and his support team Maria-Sports psychologist, Yago-Goalkeeper coach and Jaime-Analysis. We are hoping to discuss a future role with Ramiro and the team”

England's men’s squad will now take away all the learnings from the weekend and look to build this into a winter training schedule along with discussing team, players and future plans with Ramiro Amarelle directly.

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John Gontier
John Gontier
Dec 06, 2021

Great player to help England Beach

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