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EBSA Leadership Meets FIFA Officials

Updated: Jun 28

EBSA Leadership Meets FIFA Officials to Discuss Future Referee Development

Nazare, Portugal – June 20, 2024

In a pivotal meeting held during the European Club Championships in Portugal, key figures in the world of beach soccer convened to discuss the future of referee development for England Beach Soccer. Luke Kerr, Executive Director of England Beach Soccer, and Kish Kishto, Head of Referees and Director, met with Patrick Graf, Head of Referring Administration at FIFA, and Josep Ponset, BSWW Head of Competitions.

The discussions centered around enhancing the development of English referees through FIFA instructor-led seminars and inclusion in Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) tours and FIFA beach soccer competition circuits. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the professional development of English beach soccer referees, aiming to elevate the standards and opportunities within the sport.

Luke Kerr expressed his enthusiasm about the meeting, stating, “This is an exciting time for England Beach Soccer. The support from FIFA and BSWW is invaluable as we look to enhance the skills and experience of our referees. We are committed to developing a robust training program that will not only benefit our referees but also the quality of the game in England.”

Kish Kishto highlighted the importance of international exposure for referees, adding, “Inclusion in BSWW tours and FIFA competitions provides our referees with the necessary experience to perform at the highest levels. The seminars and training programs led by FIFA instructors will be instrumental in achieving this goal.”

Patrick Graf of FIFA emphasized the global vision for referee development, stating, “FIFA is dedicated to ensuring that referees worldwide have access to the best training and development opportunities. Collaborating with England Beach Soccer aligns with our mission to elevate the standards of beach soccer officiating globally.”

Josep Ponset from BSWW echoed these sentiments, saying, “The development of referees is crucial for the integrity and growth of beach soccer. We are excited to see England Beach Soccer take proactive steps in this direction and look forward to supporting their initiatives.”

The collaboration promises to bring a new level of expertise and professionalism to English beach soccer refereeing, fostering a generation of referees equipped to handle the demands of both national and international competitions. As these plans unfold, the future of England Beach Soccer referee development looks bright, signaling a significant advancement for the sport in the UK.

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