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Elite Beach Soccer Cup Showcases Emerging Talent and Current Stars

This weekend, the Elite Beach Soccer Cup brought together England’s top beach soccer talent at an electrifying event. Featuring both the nation’s current international players and promising athletes from the Player ID talent pathway, the tournament underscored the growing depth of talent in English beach soccer.

Luke Kerr, CEO of England Beach Soccer, expressed his enthusiasm about the event’s impact: “It’s exciting to see so much talent coming through, pushing our current players. More importantly, this ensures the next generation has one eye firmly on future international events and the pathway into the elite game.”

The tournament provided a crucial platform for emerging players to compete at a high level, often for the first time. These Talent ID events serve as a vital bridge, connecting gifted players to the men’s and women’s England teams.

England Captains Aaron Clarke and Rebecca Clark Barron, along with coach Steve Black, were in attendance, praising the event’s role in the sport’s development. “These are the sorts of events that will help harness the future of the sport and help new talent flourish,” they commented.

A special thanks was extended to equipment sponsors Forza for their support and developing state of the art beach soccer box goals working with us to create quality youth size 3 and 4 balls that sit alongside the size 5 FIFA approved ICON ball.

Lastly another big thank you to our dedicated Talent ID team: Kish Kishto, Pete Dyer, Nic Johnson, Jess Cutler, and Molly Clark. Their efforts in nurturing new players have been instrumental in feeding the elite pathway over the past few years.

The Elite Beach Soccer Cup not only highlighted the skill and dedication of current international players but also offered a glimpse into the promising future of English beach soccer.

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